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Who doesn`t know about the problems of spilled oils and of related hydrocarbons! Not only the danger of a worrying pollution but also the elimination of these oils is a uncomfortable matter. Many of today's common "oil absorbing preparations" are difficult to handle and remain a disposal problem.
Not so Elcosorb!

  • Elcosorb is a nature product!

  • It "sucks" the oil enclosing it in a way that even the cleaning equipment will stay clean.

  • The disposal is ensured by a fully incineration of the consumed Elcosorb.

  • Elcosorb absorbs mineral oils, vegetable oils, hydraulic oils, PCBs.

  • Elcosorb is cheap, 1 kilogram of Elcosorb can absorb about 8 kg liquids.

If you are interested in selling Elcosorb in your country? You still have doubts? Just try it once!

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